Remkilens Bookie Tuk Tuk new SJCH she win the SISK competetition in Jattendal with Cacit


Remkilens River third price in ukl



Remkilens Embla 1 open class Hemavan, 4 SKL SM qualification  winter, in the final nr 2 with R-cacit 


International FTCh Ballydavid Airforce and Ire FTCh Remkilens T-Ebba

They win four competitions  three in England and one in Ireland 2011

Erik Hedin Artist www.erikhedin.se

                                                      Remkilens T-Ebba  
                                                       Remkilens Baloo


Remkilens T-Ebba

Irland 2010 and the pups

Airforce and Aohas Pokals





Remkilens Baloo

Remkilens Embla och Ballydavid Amber Dragnaes 2010

Amber retrive Capercail