Malstabodarna historien


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"Hemma vid köksbordet blir det inga jakthundar"

Thore Sandström




My story is quite a strange one. I never had a dog nor had I much interest in them as I was playing football all my life. Due to a sever injury my football days came to an end and I need to find a new hobby.

My partner Lisa Eriksson is the daughter of Thore Sandstrom. Lisa always wanted a Red Setter having grown up with them and I never had the time. By the time we bought our first home I had no hobby so I aggred to get a Irish Red setter.


Thore put us in contact with Hugh Brady as he said he sent a "good one" to Hugh. Little did I know what I was getting myself in for and what journey it would take me on.


When I met Hugh for the first time I could see his passion for the Reds and his passion for field trials. All you had to do was walk through house and you could see this was a guy who was right on top in the sport. We seen 8 beautifull pups, how could I pick one pup???


One pup climbed into Lisa's lap and fell asleep and we thought this is the one. However Hugh wasnt going to keep a pup but he said if he was this was the one he would pick.

"Genie" Ballydavid Storm and Paul Thompson

The one that was the carziest in the litter running non stop , social but extremley inpedendant. Probally not the pup I would have chosen but Hugh said you have a special dog there and a great start in the sport. We named her Genie.


As the weeks went on a friendship grew between myself and Hugh & Joan. We would train together most weekends and teaching me the sport of Field Trials. In a way I became the apprentace. Ballydavid is sire by International Field Trial Champion Ballydavid Airforce (T-Ebbas pup) and the mother was International Field Trial Champion Creg Rena. As it turned out Hugh kept a bitch from the litter who went on to become the youngest ever Field Trial Champion , International Field Trial Champion and also youngest ever Championship winner , Ballydavid Starjet of The Kindom. Genie posessed great speed and drive , stylish with a very natural quatering ability ,also great bird control from an early age.

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